I Found Myself

Living life to the fullest is said a lot
But I think it’s much more rare in practice.
I went out to a place to discover me,
Beauty surrounded as far as I could see, with
the echoing reverberating silence trapped within that space
As the wind’s icy, cold fingers slowly stroked my face.
Enveloped in a space in time, I knew it all, it was all mine.
Mine to discover and cherish
Mine to ponder upon and relish
Mine to enjoy in the silence.
Just one solitary soul listening to the forest’s call.
Trees lined like a barrier against the world.
Water lapped gently in an icy blue swirl, the wind whispered secrets.
I listened to the forest’s call, I watched the moon rise and fall.
Sometimes letting go is scary, but I was calm in the deep blue.
The way each colour danced in the icy hue.
I knew I was discovering myself because sometimes it’s just…
It’s just so
Just because
Not for all
Sometimes you need to be alone

What do you think?

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