The Art of Seduction

I slowly look lovingly over one smooth shoulder
And look you straight in the eye.
I look away coyly then, turn to gaze on you again.
I do a deliberate sexy kitten wink,
And toss my long luscious hair.
I stand curves and all, by the bar.
You’re so near yet so far.
I blow a pout, full bow lipped, kiss at you.
Bite my lip suggestively
And lick slowly, making you think of all the different ways I’d tease you.
I can see it in your eyes…
Your thinking about it.
Me all over you…
little by little…
bit by bit …
You saunter over finally… and whisper in my ear.
I take a deep gasping breath, as I whisper against your lips
Take…me. Now.

But the reality is…
I shyly look at you desperately.
Hopelessly hoping you’ll look at me.
You avoid this hopeful gaze.
In fact…..
I think I can feel my nervous twitch, kicking in again….
I tug my hand through my dry hair as I try to re-create a L’Oreal advert style shake of the head.
Needless to say it fails.
It’s so not worth it.
I feel dumpy, frumpy and short.

I don’t even try to do the, sexy, bite, licky, thingy…
Like that blonde is doing to you right now.
I see you shiver mentally at the thought of being with me…
You stroll slowly over.
A big grin attacks my face, as I begin to hope again.
Instead you walk to the girl.
To the girl who was standing next to me all along
And murmur in her ear, secret whispers meant for me.

You don’t notice as you laugh and walk away.
It turns out my knight in shining armour was wrapped in tin foil

What do you think?

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