My Silence

Sometimes silence is the best remedy for a broken mind.
It gives it time to piece back all the chaos from the
foreboding and unforgiving white noise.
I can’t seem to begin to understand myself
Sometimes even I confuse myself
I confound self until she begins to ask me if I am
all there…alright…righty-ho.
Yes, so like I said silence is the best prescription I have
prescribed myself for.
So when I sit in silence fear not
For it is then when I come up with my best yet
It’s when I can reflect and change myself
It’s where I can get lost without being found
It’s how I can cope without going crazy
It’s who I can turn to,to hide from the noise
Silence is purely golden because it’s a far more
precious and rare commodity than we realise.
So if you find me silent fear not.
I’m simply just being myself.

What do you think?

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