The Angel

This must be a dream as I say…

I wake up… it was a dream.
I was caught in a reality that could
never be mine easily.
I have to work for it.
Take my hand you say
I look at you questioning … will you ever let go?
As if reading the fear in my eyes
You hold and pull me close to you.

The angel was back again
I have so many questions for him yet again.
Where were you?
I needed you
Where have you been?
Where were you when I needed you the most?

“Everything has a time and place, I guess its just wasn’t our time yet…
in fact it still isn’t.”
What do you mean; you have to go so soon?
I’ve only just found you.
“This is something we must go through,
if our love can last this time apart,
then I truly belong to you heart and soul”

But its hard enough without you…must you go?
Can you not stay longer, that I might have a
Chance to rest my head on your chest
And listen to the dying heartbeat as you
Pull away from me?
Please don’t do this.
Like a little robin you flit and fly away from me
Every time I try to grasp your love.

I miss you… you know that right?
I will always do no matter what
It’s like something I can’t help
Even if time changed and morphed into these
Countless days…I’ll still miss you.
Remember what I said to you once:
Even if I’d never met you…I’d still miss you.

“I still have to go” you say
You haven’t even gone yet but I miss you already
Its been fifty eleven days and umpteen hours
Bu thinking of you not being here makes me sad
Kind of depressed
I wonder if you think of me too
I wonder if you’ll miss me too.
So far away how can I keep being…?
“Being anything with you is better than nothing”

What about if you found another?
What if one day I wasn’t enough?

“As long as it’s your voice it’s melody
And as long as it’s your face, its beauty”

If I am granted these things in my dreams,
then I shall die happy wherever you or I happen to be.

“Even if fate changed, I’d still love you because you
Helped me become the person, I’d forgotten I was”

Please, please promise me you won’t go without me.

“For you and only you, I will never go
Not now
Not ever…just for you”
I can comfort you with these words from my heart
“If one day our paths must cross again
I won’t move, just so I can regret it for the rest of my life
I will hold you until the world ends
Just know that when im not with you
All that’s on my mind is you
All I feel inside is you
And all around me I feel you
I feel you right here beside me, every step of the way”

So that’s why you must go for now?
So you can escape this Hell
So that me and you can live
The life we’ve wanted without all this chaos and pain
In a world of just you and me

I can hold you in the evening
But in the morning I have to go.
But don’t you cry sadly, instead I want you smiling
Knowing that I’ll do anything and everything
In my power to be with you and happy again

‘Sabro que has puesto, tus ojos en mi
Es como un sueno
Como quiero,ver tu rostro
Te necesito aqui, en mi Corazon’

So for now just wait and know that you’re
always within me
I wont say goodbye because it feels so final
Instead I’ll say see you later, thank you, and
I love you
Because I will do, I am and I do.

What do you think?

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