The Big Bad Wolf (why he howls at the moon)

——-Ravaged and savaged by an angel
he came in the dark night that suffocates——

The moon, forever waning and whining for a reprieve,
Clamouring for a break and a shot from all the forlorn lovers
who met under its light.
If only he could cast his light elsewhere and lead and leave lovers astray.
If only he hadn’t witnessed countless centuries, times, whispers, rhymes, climes
and longing from all the forlorn lovers who met under his angelic glow.

The magic wasn’t lost only to the ebb and flow and grow of the tide or raging rolling ravaged sea.
An orb so pureless, blameless, white and bright,
rounding off all the midnight wishes and clutched sighs tight.
But none ever saw the dark side that hid not beneath but behind,
ever so slightly far away and out of reach.
For in that darkness he could find none to judge him.
And be a contented solace, for in that darkness he no longer became
The misused metaphor for lover’s midnight trysts.

——The Big Bad Wolf howling, prowling the night, angry at the moon’s empty promises,
still there with it’s ghostly pale haunted glow, the rabbit etched on the moon was upside-down.

The Big Bad Wolf searched high and low for his lover’s glow,
In the low midnight, she never came in the moonlight, for fear of the unknown.
The moon, for The Big Bad Wolf, had been a harbinger
of not his love but his anger.
In the woods, he waited.
The moon failed to deliver her and so in the woods,
The Big Bad Wolf forever cursingly howled at the spiritless moon.
And in these dark woods the big bad wolf,
prowled, growled lost, for his love, forever more.——

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