Past and Future – The Old Man

Soft splashing sounds and pitter patterings of dreams
Being washed and hope marching away…

Now I’m never one for thinking too much
about old age and death…it’s like going backwards
and I don’t want to go there, I have my reasons.

In all honesty…
We don’t want to think about it too much
We want to be forever young, but time
eminently looms over us like a dark cloak, waiting
to consume everything into the shadows

As time passes we start to reflect upon this former shadow
of ourselves,
the beautiful good memories,
the bad times
the pain
the hurt
the disappointments
the unlived dreams.

Then I thought to myself, when I get to this point,
I don’t want to be there thinking…’What if?’

Anyways… it was raining, it was dismally gray.
The afternoon cloaked in grey clouds
Rain slithered down, the windows wept condensation.
And on the outside, tear drops were left in their wake.

I sat and pondered about these things
As Tears of The Saints, played in my head…
Just like a montage, I saw life from the beginning of time
Until the end of days, flash before my eyes, like a film

The bus stopped next to a building
I’d drove past it many times before without a second glance,
I never stopped long enough to look or care.
But today, something made me look twice.
The sign read “Alexandra Nursing Home”
…old people’s care home

My young heart beat fast,
I looked at each window in turn until my eyes
Fell on one solitary man
He stood there gazing blankly out of his window
I could literally see the life seeping out of him,
Icy cold fingers gripped him,
Ready to pluck him from this turmoil

I would love to say that in that moment our eyes met
And I could see his life flash across his eyes
Like a film played just for me…imparting knowledge.
And that I smiled, he smiled and
We shared a secret moment between young and old
Past and future.

My phone vibrates, I look at it, a text telling me:

“R u cumin 2 de party? C’s gt the weed n WKD  jk
Memba wht hppnd tho last tym lol?”

I look up again …he’s gone…and the bus starts to pull away
I wonder what his story was…is he still there?
Goodbye the wind whispers “the old man”

What do you think?

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