My Lover’s Lips Speak of Red Lies.

My lover’s lips speak of red lies
Born in the night of stark starry starred skies
We looked onto still lingering lakes
And in the night the only noise, our love makes.
And in the night our longing dies on sighs
And in the night came our demise.
Make haste spoketh the fairy fair
And hide in the forgiving lion’s lair
For if man or woman were to catch you here
None would pity you, not a single tear
Such a pity, such a predictable fate
If only we had been able to know hate
Then maybe we could have escaped
From each other we could have run.
Hiding like a vigilante purple caped
I wish I’d never seen you in the morning sun.
Caught like a prince in a golden snare
A king amongst peasants,an honoured heir
To my heart, an heir to my heart here and there.
Lily white we wait for our glooming demise
And in delight our blinded enemy lies,
In wait for the day we turn to the skies
For the answers that never summarize.
The clamour of the beating battle nears
We whisper promises for the wind’s ears
Crying in hope for an executing escape
The raven sings songs black caped
Hiding in its melody a mysterious magic
Unfortunately who you love, you cannot pick
And so until the end of our time
I will preach of love and rhyme and pine for a better time and clime.
“Half inspired by La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Keats
and Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti”

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