A Love Realised

Under a tree’s shade, dappled by the summer heat

two lovers… no …. two hearts meet

crossed paths on a quiet lane once

and that is all it took to achieve eternity by chance

It did not matter, for there were no prying eyes

or deceiving hearts and jealous tongues to spit lies

Innocence and joy took each half

and a love blossom’d like a newly born calf

There were no skipping of hearts or lost breaths

Just silence that travelled across each breadth

It did not take much to realize;

that reflected in each one’s eyes- was a prize

Once in a lifetime was possible, a reality

And as one looked into the other’s eyes with clarity

There was no denying the unexplainable gravity

That drew each one closer until their lips did meet

And in that greeting, more words were spoken and

beautifully expressed than any poet could manage to imagine and

successfully convey the unexplainable emotion.

Because in that strange and particular reciprocal motion

A love was realized.

What do you think?

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