The Sin of Sexual Desire

The Sin of Sexual Desire

-inspired by the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

He opens the door.

They stand like statues,

Hardly daring to meet eyes

Restraining themselves from

Falling into each other’s dangerous embrace….

Don’t stop!

Whisper quietly in my ear

Tell me what’s going to happen to me

You are the best teacher ever,

You taught me to be… me.

So what if I want to be the teacher’s pet,

Yes… that is why I am and shall be kissing up.

Skip the formalities

We both knew this day was coming up

Wall at my back as I am pinned between reality and fantasy

Your fingers stroking, play at my throat.

Warm breath works its way along my jaw.

You tell me to hold still

But it is so hard to, when temptation is just millimetres away.

Like a lion before it pounces, you prey

upon each sensation, that makes me want to

lose control and make my knees go weak once again.

I just came to say hello… goodbye?

but it seems my greetings…well

We didn’t get far enough into the house for a nice chat.

Slowly lift me up as I tell you don’t stop.

Forget the kitchen counters and tables.

Remember we’ve been here before.

Instead you lay me down on your bed

The look in your eyes tells me this is something I will never forget…ever

Before they come for me in white coats

Close the door and the rest is up

to your imagination.

What do you think?

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