Secrets hidden behind eyes,

lies lay hidden in plain sight

but hidden from view.

Indiscernible cyphers and hieroglyphs float

in the air and the writing is on the wall

It’s only a matter of time.

My mind is in turmoil, theorizing over

scenarios and situations and outcomes

And the answer becomes less clear

with each riddle left unsolved

in my head

Filled with dread as truth knocks

and forces its way through

Because for a while now I’ve acknowledged

the answer but sought alternatives.

No way out but to go down

and trek upon the unknown road.

Secrets can only solve themselves

as with time they refuse to lie

surfacing from beneath and

surrounding everything

Scores of thoughts and memories

words said right, left unsaid

replay over and over and over

is there any other way.

Finding that you’re no closer

to the answer than when you


And you’re left sitting in a dark room,

hoping the shadows will morph

into clear thought out answers.

Or that at least you’d know

the meanings of the writings

hidden in the walls of your heart

because as long as my mind remains unclear

I am, I am in and I am a


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