When something dies

When something dies inside of you, it is

hard  to not kill it again, especially if it

was once brought back to life in false hope.


So many die by this principle never truly living

Because according to reality, it is

Sadly a true fact,

being kicked to the ground enough times may make

A warrior out of you, but there is also

that danger of becoming reserved to fate.


And so in bitterness find balance, in hate find

A safe harbour, in case you too become too lost

and consumed.


A hardened heart will never realize that although

Seemingly immune to the targets that are shot at it,

Eventually the chips and cracks will render it


 let it crumble.

When something eats away at you and nags at

You even in peaceful sleep, it is hard to quench its

voice and silence its cries

It’s hard when you have a yearning inside of you

That you yourself can’t even begin to define.


It’s hard when you can’t even recognize that the

emptiness has become familiar to you in itself.

What do you think?

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