Sauf moi…

Pray do tell me, my dear…

what fascinated you in my manner?

Upon many prepositions and a balanced,

Countenance have I ….

Ever merely more than suggested my intentions?


Please may I ask for your forgiveness?

For my wretched character


my poor conduct upon the matter at hand

I was merely trying to exhibit some human emotion

As one might or ought to when the occasion arises


Who would have foreseen that in doing so…

I would actually begin to believe in any of

What we perceive as a tolerable reality…

A necessity that every human soul needs… what I need from you


Forgiveness is a sin that is now wasted upon me

it never was my intention to lead you on.

Lead you on… into a blind trap and hurt you.

You say I am smiling as I look into your eyes?


No, I never smile in public

only in private when no one else can see

me, at my worst…

Do I ever display my true emotions and such intentions?

I must say this pen and paper have now

witnessed a great share of it all.




Je avoir aimé vous

Je vous ai suivie vous entre dans cet…

Horrible endroit parce que je vous suivrais n’importe ou.

Je vais conquérir l’enfer d’être avec vous

J’ai ete derange et hante par des reves

Mais vous avez le rejeté que comme un mauvais  reve

Si Je dois vous reveler quelque, rien pour vous 

il était mon egoisme et ma vanite

Je dois etre blame

Ce qui est fait ne peut pas defait et, je sais le dommage pire a ete faire par moi


Think of me always


Ce sera le seul signe de notre

Amour dans les yeux de Dieu après ces mots…

vient… amour vide


And not one moment or heartbeat do I forget


Je n’ai pas fait exprès …


Je n’oublierai pas un unique battements

mon cœur

I have loved you
I followed you into this …
Horrible place because I will follow you anywhere.
I will conquer hell to be with you
I was disturbed and haunted by dreams
But you have rejected that as a bad dream
If I have to reveal something, anything for you
it was my selfishness and my vanity
I have to be blame
What is done can not be undone and I know the worst damage has been done by me
Think of me always
This will be the only sign of our
Love in the eyes of God after these words …
just … empty love
And not one moment or heartbeat do I forget
I did not mean it …
I will not forget a single beat
my heart

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