Traffick Light

Red light district

Amber mangled minds

Green bills passing through grimy hands

flashing through greedy eyes

Snorting lines and selling lies

bought and sold-  just another deal gone


But that’s a life, a life being sold like nothing

Stolen from normality their lives become just

another reality.

Bought and sold so the man and woman can

find an escape in another pair of faceless arms

They had hope, they had prospects, they still have dreams

but another turning blind eye and deaf ears fail to hear

fail to face the fear of being labelled corrupt and

so they continue to suffer in our silence

funny how there’s no congestion when it comes

to man’s desires- traffic flows smoothly…

no limit

Imagine if we gave it the red light- someone’s

life could be different- to the cold dark room

they’re locked in- think about it,

ignorance was never bliss

… because we all have a conscience.

and even then still, someone is still suffering in silence.

Put an end to human trafficking.

Full Red Stop.

What do you think?

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