I hate anything that causes me pain

I prefer to walk away, and plan my revenge

call me passive aggressive

That’s why I find that love… romantic love

is such an arduous task.

For you see, in such endeavors you open yourself up for attacks…

you are weak.

They say you find strength and safety in numbers.

…Well two is just too fair… and even.

To win such odds you need to deal underhand…


Which is why, I will smile sweetly yet,

not realizing that it’s just driving the knife in deeper

…Until it is too late

too, too late to turn back.

And so, I find I hate anything that causes

too much pain

too much trouble

just too everything

What do the young and heartless know of romantic


3 thoughts on “Hate?

  1. Kind of reminds me of the rebellic youth. What do we know about love? And what is that feeling we got when we are in a fierce situation? We walk away in anger and plan to get a revenge. Today I think in another way. The communication is the way for me to get the things straight. Even romantic feelings. When we don’t dare to say when will the other one notice. ^^

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