-Inspired by Maya Angelou.

I have a voice?


Do I have anything worth hearing, listening to?

What do I want to say and why do I want it uttered?

What can I change?


How will I learn to speak, to make myself stand out,

In a world filled with noise

Who will hear me amongst the static?

What do I want to say and why do I not

want it to be lost in the wind?


What am I fighting for

What do I stand for

What will be my legacy

How will I be perceived


And then I realize that if I never begin my walk

Not only will I never know or discover

But I may miss out on change…

Being an inspiration

Or influencing a person, or who knows… even a generation.


Throughout time there have been a myriad of voices

Some will remain unheard,

and some we will never forget… good or bad

It’s all about legacy isn’t it?


Some dreamt for the chance to be heard…

The lowly slaves singing to the stifling air in the cotton fields

Their souls carried by the harrowing music, sung longing for freedom

The voiceless orphans stuck in a workhouse

The children born without love being shown to them

Those trafficked and transported to unimagined worlds


Thousands throughout time persecuted, damned, shot

And persecuted for countless ‘crimes’

And countless times throughout time the

Voiceless have always existed.


So how do we know of the silent?


It is because someone spoke, stood up and fought or objected.

So what… who will I stand for?

How will I use this voice that I have to change-

Be it myself, or the hearts of men and women

Or even a generation


How will I use what I have and who I am?

I have a voice

Hear me speak.

What do you think?

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