Wallace Collection
You move like I want to
and I, to see like your eyes do
You move how I want to
And I see like you do.
I’m stuck in a place here
Where time holds me still like an unforgiving
Puppeteer, who pulls and tugs
My strings tightening in the grip
Disembodied joints flail lifeless against the struggle
I’m forced to see our way
But I don’t want to anymore
All I can do is sit back and watch
myself black hole into oblivion.
The only words I hear echoed are
Deadly, death…stillness.
To never move of my own will.
No forward and no going back… just stuck
here dancing to someone else’s music.
Gone forever.
I’m like an old faded photograph of myself
With no spirit… nothing…just an empty shell.
People are always looking into the dark
But we all know we are afraid of what we might see.
I might be the darkness outside, within this world.
…. or it might be the dark of our own souls.
It’s better to be caught looking than to never know.
Sometimes there are things that people should be afraid of
Like the absence of light.

What do you think?

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