Update: Integrated Blogs

Firstly I would like to thank all of my followers and subscribers so far to both my blogs; the poetry and stories blog raiine.wordpress.com, and my law blog lifeofalondonlawstudent.com.

Both audiences to those two blogs might have noticed a change in the categories and types of post changing slightly.

I recently decided to integrate the two blogs because it was getting a bit difficult to maintain two different blogs, when I could easily run it all under one blog. So you might notice a mixture of posts ranging from poetry and stories to academic essays. But I feel that this greatly reflects me as a person; I am not just a law student but I also have many other interests, I also did it to offer a bit of variety in the content.

You can still view my old previous posts on raiine.wordpress.com for the poetry and stories, however all future posts will now be made on the lifeofalondonlawstudent.com blog. 

So I hope that both of my audiences will still enjoy the different posts I have to offer. And once again thank you all for your support.


What do you think?

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